We recognize that downtime is not an option. Our owned servers are located in United Group's state-of-the-art datacenter in Athens Attica. From there we offer -except from out hosting services- our datacenter services (dedicated servers, colocation etc).

United Group's datacenter is supported from a pair of APC Silcon UPS Delta Conversion (240KVA each) and a diesel generator (600KVA), so a steady power voltage is producted without changes or interruptions. The datacenter offers the ideal operation environment, since it has 10 Carrier air-condition unites, fully redundant with total output 800Kbtu, which offer constant cold air flow in the computer room, achieving a constant temperature. The temperature and moisture control is done using automated systems which are connected to the master alarm system.

Our racks are connected to Nova's datacenter backbone through 2x10Gbps fiber cables on MikroTik CloudCore routers, which is connected to the main Nova's backbone and distrubuted on GR-IX or abroad. GR-IX (Greek Internet eXchange) is the interconnection between greek ISPs and academic networks which offers better speed in visitors from Greece, with pings as low as 4ms!

The datacenter building is located away from possible electromagnetic, mechanic and any other interferences and complies with the latest earthquake protection measures. The inner building consists of low-burning items which last in fire and high temperatures. The anti-fire system consists of 2 sections: the main datacenter section and the section under the pseudo-floor. Each section is divided in 2 zones, has autonomous fire prevention system, separate control panel and 14 smoke detectors.

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