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One of the biggest annoyances in the internet world today is unsolicited e-mail, also known as spam. Millions of spam e-mails are being sent daily, which shed productivity and make you lose valuable time. It is not a coincidence that suddenly everyone wants you to help them take millions of dollars out of their country, to send them iron stoves in Russia, to help your sex life or to offer you jobs as "regional manager". It is spam.

  • Secure Mail

    Secure your e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing and malware

    Every e-mail that is being received, is checked on the fly for viruses, dangerous URLs and for any algorithms that achive in high rate the blocking of these messaes. Spam e-mails do not reach your mailbox, leaving it empty only for the clean e-mails.

  • Shield

    Deal with new spam or malware outbreaks

    It is common to have a new virus loose on the internet and it reaches your mailbox, without even being detected by your antivirus. Special algorithms allow the automated tracking of such cases immediately, so you don't have the danger of being polluted from new viruses.

  • Email stream

    Increased e-mail availability

    Now the messages are being delivered in our cloud infrastructure. If for any reason your server is not available, e-mails are being stored in queue in our cloud servers and are being delivered when your mailserver is available again. The e-mails are not being returned to the sender as non delivered, they are being delivered to your mailbox!

  • Easy to use

    Easy Installation

    The activation of the service is pretty easy; through cPanel you can add your domain and all the necessary changes to your DNS zone are made automatically. Within a few hours, you will have a clean mailbox!

  • Monitor

    Message checking and managing

    The administration panel is useful and it is available to English and Greek language. You can easily see a report for the e-mail traffic, see historical data for the received or failed e-mal, perform fine-tuning to the service (whitelist, blacklist), but also see e-mails that were marked as spam by false AND RECEIVE THEM! The e-mail messages are not deleted from our servers for several days, so you can receive spam false-positives!

  • Wallet

    Cost free!

    SpamExperts is being offered FOR FREE in all our shared web hosting packages, as a part of our premium service offering! While the service can be found for an additional cost in other companies, here you can have a clean mailbox with no additional cost!

  • Happy user

    Full satisfaction

    The effectiveness of the service will amaze you! Within a short timeframe you will be able to see how important it is not to bother with cleaning spam e-mails and what it means to be able to concentrate on your job without hassles!

The service is offered FOR FREE with any web hosting plan!
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