Why us

  • We do not see our customers as numbers, but on the contrary, we try to develop a special relationship with each customer individually, studying his/her requirements and offering responsible solutions.

  • The support we offer is one of the best and most exemplary in Greece.

  • Our staff consists of people who have more than 20 years of experience in the field, so they can understand your needs and offer the solution fast.

  • We are cPanel NOC partners and our staff is cerfified by cPanel for technical issues. The certifications are renewed every few months, certifying the knowledge of new cPanel versions.

  • We are here to stay; for the last 21 years we invest in our job, offering datacenter services (since 2001 in American and since 2003 in Greek datacenter), by constantly upgrading the hardware of our servers and offering new services (like cloud servers).
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cPanel Certified Partner