CPU Cores CPU Cores
Memory RAM
Disk quota Hard Disk
IP Addresses IP Addresses
SpamExperts SpamExperts
Traffic Traffic
Operating System (OS) Operating System
Control Panel (CP) Control Panel
Webmin is available only with Centos or Debian
cPanel is available with CentOS, AlmaLinux, CloudLinux
FTP Backup Space FTP Backup Space
Additional Options
You can optionally select:
Monitoring: A service of your choice will be monitored every five (5) minutes by Alertra, with alert via SMS in case of failure.

KernelCare: Available only in Linux, KernelCare gives you the ability to apply kernel updates WITHOUT rebooting! You can minimize downtime without affecting your Virtual Server security due to kernel being outdated!

Management: Full Virtual Server support from our specialized personnel, with 5-minute response time 24 hours a day (in case of Emergency)! We also take care of server patching, updating, OS customization and 3rd-party applications installation. In case of management and monitoring, the SMS notification is sent to the staff on duty so you can sleep well since the problem solutions is something we take care of!
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