.gr domains :: Breaking Announcement 16/07

.gr domains :: Regulations due to bank holiday

July 16, 2015
.gr domains :: Breaking Announcement 16/07

NTPC with a newer breaking announcement of 15/07/2015 and due to the developments which affect the normal payment of [.gr] domain names, with the purpose of protecting domain owners decided the following:

1) Domain Names which expired between 14/06/2015 and 28/06/2015, have their quarantine status extended until 4/08/2015. This case involves domains which expired during that timeframe and their owners had 15 days to renew them.

2) Domain Names which will expire between 29/06/2015 and 3/08/2015, are being kept active until 4/08/2015. The quarantine date for these domains (normally 15 days after expiration) is set to 5th of August 2015. This case involves domains which will expire between this timeframe, so with this action the domain will KEEP operating normally after it's original expiration date, until 5th of August 2015.

3) The renewal period for these domains will be for 2 years from the previous expiration date, not from the temporary expiration which is given as an extension.

Our system will keep sending the expiration notices during this timeframe with a note which will link to this announcement. If you decide to pay via an alternative method (for example credit card, PayPal, EasyPay) the renewal will be processed normally.

To utilize the domain forwarding service, you need to renew your domain because the above expiration extension does not apply for this specific service of ours.



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