Transfer your hosting and win!

Do you have a website in another company and wish to move to HyperHosting because:

  • You are unsatisfied from your current hosting company
  • Your webite doesn't have the uptime you were promised
  • You are unsatisfied because tech support is only in English
  • Telephone support is very difficult to accomplish
  • The speed of your website is not what you expected

...but you endure the problems until the prepaid period expires?

The wait is over!

Come to HyperHosting and get nothing less than the best in hosting services TODAY, since we offer you for free up to 6 months if you have an active subscription to another company!

Now there is no reason to wait for your subscription to expire, since you can transfer your site without any cost for the lost months! During your order select the option that you already have an active subscription on another company and you will get an extention (for up to 6 months) in your order!


  • A copy of your invoice is needed to find the additional hosting term. The domain name must be mentioned in the invoice.
  • During verification, you must provide the login credentials of your current hosting pack for verification purposes
  • The hosting plan must be active
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