Cloud Servers in Greece

HyperHosting, through it's owned cloud infrastucture, provides one of the most reliable solutions of the Greek market at a highly competitive price. Our cloud infrastructure is located in United Group datacenter in Athinon 106 Avenue in Athens. Through GR-IX or private peerings you can have low latency (down to 4ms) and maximum speed with all Greek ISPs, By getting a cloud server from us, you get the following:

  • Xeon Gold CPUs (6242/6226R) with high clock speed for maximum performance per core
  • 24-hour monitoring of hypervisors for their continuous operation
  • Immediate upgrade of your Cloud Server resources, anytime you need it
  • Daily backup of your Cloud Server in a separate storage, for safety reasons
  • Transfer of your Cloud Server to a different hypervisor, in case of overloading or hardware failure.
  • Pure Enterprise SSD storage for top notch performance with high availbility
  • Storages connected with optical fiber cables.
  • Use of ceph storage with 3 replicas. Ceph offers maximum security with it's self-healing technology, which removes any defective disks from the array and recreates it in order to have 3 replicas at all times.
  • Ability to use multiple Cloud Servers (with private VLAN between them) for specialized needs.
€ 18.48 per month   € 40.80 per month     € 123.88 per month
CPU Cores 1 Xeon Gold core   2 Xeon Gold cores   4 Xeon Gold cores   6 Xeon Gold cores
Memory (RAM) 1GB ECC   2GB ECC   6GB ECC   16GB ECC
Disk quota
Enterprise SSD
25GB   100GB   200GB   300GB
LAN Port 1 Gbit   1 Gbit   1 Gbit   1 Gbit
IP Addresses 1   1   1   1
Monthly traffic 1TB   1TB   1TB   2TB
Operating System Linux   Linux   Linux / Windows   Linux / Windows
1 month contract 18.48   40.80   58.16   123.88
3 months contract 55.43   122.39   174.47   371.63
6 months contract 110.86   244.78   348.94   743.26
1 year contract 221.71   489.55   697.87   1486.51
2 years contract 443.42   979.10   1396.12   2973.02
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